ระบบบริหารพลังงานอัจฉะริยะ (eSGM)

A system that uses energy. Gathered from multiple sources The main source of energy from solar cells to get energy from the sun. This energy is then Can use a 16,000 BTU air conditioner, which was followed by a power source. energy, wind power or batteries from vehicles such as diesel.

eSGM can be used as a global power. To connect to the other. To power various electrical appliances, electrical equipment, power sources and batteries to create intelligent systems and automation.

Significant benefits for the holder to include electricity generated on site that the building is vacant. Increased by about 50% in the consumption of their own. (Depending on local conditions) applications that have the potential to reach 100% of free on-site to generate electricity while they still have to feed the output of 50% in tax payments. (When the system size below 30kW) method in the fight against rising electricity costs by reducing the consumption of table. Solar PV panels allows homeowners to generate their own clean, green electricity, and we have the experience and technical know-how to identify the best system for your home. Can install solar photovoltaic systems of all types; Roof systems for roof, ground system installed tile roof integrated for building displays and semi-integrated build a roof.
       , it is possible to include an array of e-SG to the electric grid, diesel fuel or power. other external power either to the back or to the main supply. This reduces the consumption of diesel engines for the site, leading to a decrease in fuel costs that will be integrated with e-SG or stand-alone, grid systems to produce electricity, converted to 350V DC. to 50 in order to provide services.

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Download Brochure.

      Approximately 50% increase in consumption Self (dependent on Local conditions). 
Potential Use of up to 100% of free on-Site Generated electricity whilst receiving 50% Export Still Feed in tariff payment A method of combating Rising electricity costs by reducing consumption Grid.

  • Web based system information service
  • TCP / IP module
  • Load monitoring
  • Fault alarm
  • Source profiler
  • External mass storage
  • Real time power monitoring
  • Programmable Power Source priority
  • Expendable power source
  • Power stability control
  • Low harmonic


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