e-ideas Automatic License Plate Recognition (Car and motorcycle)

       e-Ideas License Plate Recognition (eLPR) Supported languages are the most accurate in Thailand. And install it nationwide more than 416 points in the North Central, Eastern, Western & Southern has entrusted the performance of the installation team. And service team are standard.


      Registration can be made up 95.5% and accuracy of 94% of the province while the car is moving at high speed. (Statistics recorded at 120 kilometers per hour) and also supports reading license plates, such as various types of personal cars. Public car new red pickup trucks, motorcycles, military vehicles, police cars, embassies, etc. They also have a system that can read license plates Malaysia. Or foreign-registered global Note: The system can read a license plate registration number is incomplete according to conditions such as mud, bruised mess.

License Plate Recognition (eLPR) program screen


Support AEC plate and china plate

License Plate Recognition can detact AEC is plates

License Plate Recognition can detact AEC is plates

License Plate Recognition in AEC plates




System features

  • Detectors and automatic license plate reader for both cars and motorcycles.
  • Can support 77 provinces and 1 Amphoe Betong. in Thailand
  • Up to 95% accuracy on both cars and motorcycles.
  • You can read the signs, license plates, license plate auction plain yellow label label label, military vehicles, police cars, etc.
  • Save up to read the text, image or picture of the car in front. And overall the car back.
  • Available 24x7 hours
  • Real time display of cameras register.
  • Real time display of the camera picture of the front and rear.
  • Find out how to read or back by date. Similar types of vehicle registration.
  • One camera can detect more than one lane.
  • Maximum Detection Speed 200 km. / hrs.
  • Analysis of vehicle speed
  • Color analysis of vehicle.
  • Analyze and model of vehicle.
  • Analysis type of Vehicle
  • The period of time that a vehicle coming through the system.
  • Registration suspect identified Registration and notification suspect
  • Encrypted data transmission Central to the system (if any).
  • Protect the computer for any other purpose perfectly.
  • Export data out of the car, Excel, Html, XML, etc. (message).
  • Print out a registration form, paper or PDF (text and images).
  • Connect the I / O devices such as external Siren etc.
  • The company has a development team are ready to develop the interfaces to other systems. The customer needs.


License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - Motorcycle at night time detect

Motorcycle at night time detect

License Plate Recognition (eALPR) -Connect e4c to display map and alert blacklist

Connect e4c to display map and alert blacklist

Installation characteristics

       Installation of automatic license plate reading systems are either installed permanently embedded pole to the ground in the area where the customer specifies both a ground or space within a building. And installed in a mobile movable mounting position, which has two versions. Is a model that is indoors with the version installed in open areas. In all three phases of installation with regard to the electrical system. And has laid the ground system Including a current overload protection from lightning events area with the installation. The device works like an automatic license plate reader system, the team developed software and hardware. The team Electrician Electronics has selected the whole computer. CCTV series Lighting the night And other accessories Quality ideal for high-performance printhead to detect and accurately read license plates. The trials in fact place more than 416 points installed.

The systems installed throughout the country.

License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - Fixed install

Fixed install

License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - Indoor install

Indoor install.

License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - Outdoor install

Outdoor install


License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - The systems installed throughout the country

The systems installed throughout the country

License Plate Recognition (eALPR) - Alert to mobile application (Line)</strong

Alert to mobile application (Line)


        The company has earned the trust of government agencies in the procurement to installation work read license plates, more than 10 projects (totaling 416 points installed) continuing to seven year guarantee product quality. and service after the sale of the company as well.


Users automated license plate reading systems of the past.

Government group

        - Royal Thai Police

        - Defence Technology Institute (DTI)

        - National Police with the support of the Southern Border Provinces Police Operation.

The government together with the private sector

        NUCTECH company with offices Police Narcotics (Bch.ps.).

 eALPR support 40 countries at speed 200 km./hrs.

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