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ซิป้ารุก Smart City จับมือท้องถิ่นดันภูเก็ตนำร่อง


         When the population of the world grew more and more likely to live in crowded urban areas continues. Thus causing new challenges. To improve the daily life of the city in the City Council genius or SCC (Smart Cities Council) believe that the world has to integrate digital technology and design guidelines smarter together to lead. Creating a sustainable intelligent cities And improves quality of life Create quality jobs As well as strengthening the operation and sustainability.

       For Smart City Council (Smart Cities Council) is the consultant who prepared the tools and knowledge to the cities. To cope with the growing population. The budget is limited, Infrastructure and older Smart City Council consists of the intelligent city management with a global focus under advice from the independent expert honorably which include leading universities. National laboratories Support groups weather data And Development Bank For the purpose of this Council is to promote the Smart City was rapidly expanding around the world by providing best practices and unbiased advice on technology, policy and finance the participation of citizens.

       And today With so many technologies that innovate continuously. Was created as a solution called SMART CITY or smart city to meet the needs of the user one step further.

       SMART CITY Solution Components has six parts below.

        SMART CITY It is a solution that citizens or residents of the Smart City can transmit data and communicate through. Rapid technological systems Whether it's wired. Or wireless system They also come equipped with a safety system. And also to the environment or save energy.

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