Cyber warfare

Cyberwar today There are models developed so far as to attack the fort again. With new forms The attack, which is currently the most popular DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) to the target Server unavailable. Of course, users do not have to feel it. The technology itself was developed by Security as well. Today we get to know the form of cyber warfare, this model well.

Cyber warfare

Norse companies that do business in the security system of the United States. The website launch Show Map detect the crime. Hacking, espionage, or online around the world, "Haggis the map," which provides information on actual time of the event. Or "realtime" with the statistics to see that. The goal is to get most anywhere. Originated from? The pattern of attacks are the most common.

The data showed that the US is a country that is a group of hackers. Or a group of computer criminals The attacks on the database, the Internet is one of the world's ranks.

China is a country of origin with the crime hackers attack Internet happened in the world. Followed by the US The US government targeted a group of hackers in the world. The Internet of the US Department of Defense. There are those who try to attack the cause of around 10 million times on one day.The statistics in the Haggis is only partially mapped. The system also can detect attacks on computer databases occur comprehensive.


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